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Due to a lot of health issues, unfortunately, we were not able to continue paying our loan. Thankfully, you were able to help stop the foreclosure. I actually think it is Beyond Great.

– Hector S. Home Seller

I was in a Reverse Mortgage and had to leave my home to move into a nursing home. The home was vacant for 2 years and needed lots of repairs! They bought it as is!

– Neil C. Home Seller

More Testimonials (home sellers):

Medical issues caused a loss in income which led to missing payments and foreclosure. We were struggling with where to turn and then we were approached by Townsend Kane. They provided us the solution of purchasing our home and renting it back to us allowing us to stay in the home. Plus, we were able to prevent the foreclosure and bankruptcy. – Chris T.


I would recommend them to anyone that is struggling as I am. Townsend Kane helped my family and I out in so many ways. I’m a single mother and I was a month away from foreclosure but they quickly were able to turn that around. I am still able to stay at my home with a reasonable payment per month. – Nikki M.


The guys at Townsend Kane (Jim and Steve) were absolutely AMAZING!! They helped get out of a TOUGH financial situation when I felt like I was drowning and could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. – S. M.


We were losing our home to foreclosure after some scary medical issues. Our situation seemed hopeless because of the high loan balance and we awaited the dreaded knock on the door saying our home had been lost! Thank God for Townsend Kane! These guys are awesome and professional. They agreed to buy our home as-is and even rent it back to us. That was a huge blessing because it meant we didn’t have to move and deal with all the stress and expense of finding a new place. This company is honest and worth every bit of 5 stars! – Jessica T.


This company is very accommodating and understanding of my situation. I was able to stay in my home! They are very pleasant to work with!!! Thanks!!!! – Colleen B.


Shortly after buying my home, I was hit with a HUGE repair cost which threw me behind on my mortgage. After attempting to work with the lender, and to no avail, I had lost hope. Colin and Steve reached out to me and explained some options over the phone. We set up a meeting and they were so thorough, so understanding, and so kind. They reviewed multiple options with me and, at the most unsure and scary time of my life, they brought hope back in. These two gentlemen were such a pleasure to work with, and walked me through every step, making me feel, for the first time, that I wasn’t alone. I felt safe and secure, and it was as if they were family in the way they looked out for me. I would highly recommend Townsend Kane, and specifically Colin and Steve, for anyone finding themselves in the unfortunately common predicament. Thank you SO much, Colin and Steve! – Melanie B.


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